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Geissler tubes, gas discharge tubes, Crook's tubes, spark inductors

© Loan from Prof. Gernot Pottlacher to ECHOPHYSICS - European Center for the History of Physics, Pöllau

10 kW incandescent lamp,
in the background: Josef Stefan

© ECHOPHYSICS – European Centre for the History of Physics e.V., Pöllau

Panoramic view of the exhibition room 'Electricity, Magnetism - Electromagnetism'.

© picture: Markus Lang-Bichl, Pöllau


On the desk of Victor Franz Hess from the Vienna Institute for Radium Research (in display in echophysics in Pöllau), the original instruments are displayed, which Hess carried with him on his decisive balloon flight on Aug. 7, 1912.

Victor F Hess

On August 7, 1912, during his seventh balloon flight from Aussig a. d. Elbe to Pieskow near Berlin, Victor F. Hess proved that at an altitude of 5000 m a much stronger (ionizing) radiation is present than on earth - For this his discovery of cosmic radiation the Styrian scientist received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1936.

digital exhibition

© Archive ECHOPHYSICS – European Center for the History of Physics, Pöllau
© Photo editing: Wilfried Blaschnek

Christian Andreas Doppler


Josef Stefan

Thermal radiation measuring apparatus

From J. Loschmidt's self-published Chemical Studies I of the 'Constitutions-Formeln der organischen Chemie in graphischer Darstellung' (1861).

Loschmidt - and not Kekulé - was the first to publish the benzene ring diagram.

Transmitter for wireless telegraphy: spark gap by A. Righi

Receiver, Coherer, by G. Marconi

Recording telegraph, two channels

© Photo: Wilfried Blaschnek, loan from Prof. Franz Pichler, Emeritus Prof., Johannes Kepler University Linz