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Our first European center for the history of physics has set itself the goal to communicate the history of European physics, but also the history of physicists to the interested public, starting with a national focus on Austria and Styria, in Pöllau.

This is to be achieved in a permanent show and with changing exhibitions of historically valuable devices. Documentation, images, biographies, films and legacies of physicists, as well as didactic presentations of important physical experiments and phenomena supplement the exhibits and place them in their cultural, technical and economic context. The showpieces, with which outstanding discoveries of modern physics were made, bear witness to the craftsmanship and technics used in the last two centuries and are still valuable for our scientific work today.

For the heritage of our European physics, an invaluable cultural asset of Europe, survives not only in scientific data and research reports, but also in historical scientific equipment and components, in sketches, photographs, films and biographies of physicists.

For this purpose, generally understandable lectures on topics of physics are to be held on a regular basis in order to create ever new incentives for interested citizens to visit the museum. The lecturers will mainly be emeritus professors and lecturers of physics from Austrian universities. In addition, echophysics organizes international conferences for experts in European physics history under the title: The Roots of Physics in Europe.